Denton Downtown Properties - Payment Page

Payment not going through?

Your payment may not go through if:

  1. Your PayPal account has a hold on it for some reason. Account holds limit purchasing.

    Contact PayPal to resolve.

  2. You are trying to pay as guest (without a PayPal account) and your credit card has been maxed out (PayPal limits charges to $4000 total per guest card).

    Use a different credit card or create a PayPal account to continue.

Use this page to schedule payment for your internet service
or rent through PayPal.

Internet Service at Denton Center

Monthly or quarterly payment

Tamarack Townhomes

Monthly rent payment

Downtown Properties

Monthly rent payment

Pay Custom Amount

Enter what bill you wish to pay below.
In the new PayPal window that opens,
enter the amount you wish to pay.